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The Last Day!   Leave a comment

Today is the LAST DAY of the launch discount on Mr M’s Woodshop.

Please understand; I don’t discount my work at events or when people come by the shop to buy a board. So, my offering a blanket discount on the website is really unprecedented … and won’t come around again. Truly.

Buy today, and you get 20% off of everything with the promo code “MrMsLaunch”. Plus, there is free shipping on all purchases over $50.

Beginning June 1, the promo code goes away. I will continue to offer free shipping, but the minimum will increase tomorrow to $75.

So, to summarize, on

  1. TODAY ONLY, save 20% with the promo code “MrMsLaunch”
  2. Free shipping for all purchases over $50

Thanks to all for the incredible support I’ve received with the launch of my website. I couldn’t do it without you! And since the proof of the pudding is in the eating … here’s some eye candy for you. All of these action shots were provided by proud owners of boards from the Woodshop.

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What Am I Doing Here?   3 comments

I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m doing. After all, I wonder, too.

All of the time.

Here are my goals for this blog for this year:

  • First thing I’ll do is catch up on the remaining installments of The Board Chronicles. I believe I still have 7 events from 2019 to review, including some very notable ones. The most notable ones. Those reviews (should) publish over the next several days.
  • This site will get a face lift in 2020. This blog will turn 8 years old this year (!), and it’s time for a new look.
  • I’ll continue to publish pictures of my work, observations about life in the Woodshop, The Board Chronicles, and other topics as the mood strikes.
  • I’m going to add an index for The Board Chronicles and change the organization for my woodworking, so it’ll be easier possible to actually find things.
  • I’ll definitely continue the Presidential Portraits series. And, if Mrs M has her way, I’ll be adding to the National Parks section as well in the coming months. If I have my way, I’ll be publishing more recipes as Mrs M does more cooking.

I also have a plan for my companion website, Mr M’s Woodshop:

  • This site will get a major change in focus: I’ll be adding a “click to buy” option. People will be able to directly buy items from the site, instead of, uh, having to communicate with me.
  • I’ll be updating pages so that the pictures used are more illustrative of my current work. Some of the pictures shown are of pieces I made a few years ago, and nothing good comes from living in the past.

So, there you have it. A bit of philosophy and my online plan for 2020.

OH, and that kickstarter campaign I promised for last year? I believe it’ll be coming your way this year. Game Night is finally going to happen!

My Favorite Posts From Year 5   Leave a comment

A Family Heirloom

It’s been a tumultuous year. The 5th year of the blog saw me address politics more than ever before – if only to get people to stop talking about politics.

No one ever accused me of being effective at that, by the way.

Other posts were about woodworking, some about going a-vendoring, and I even managed to sneak one post in about family history.

I hope you found some topics to enjoy along the way, and if you missed any of these posts, then, please, enjoy!

A Family Heirloom

Be Kind To Vendors

Book Review: Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Parts 1 & 2

Buying A 10×20 Trimline Canopy by Flourish

Do All Lives Matter?

The Golden Strawberry

From The Shop: Planning To Be Wasted

I’m Exhausted

Should Speech Be Free?

The 250th Cutting Board

The Board Chronicles: Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival 2017

The Farce Of CalExit

The Golf Course Project

The Lady Asked

Too Snarky

When Nature Fights Back: A Special Edition Of The Board Chronicles


My Favorite Posts From Year 4

When Nature Fights Back: A Special Edition Of The Board Chronicles

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Most Read Posts From Year Five   Leave a comment

Wild Mushroom Cobbler

The blog is 5. Can you believe it?

Actually, the date slipped past me, as I was engaged with other priorities, so this celebration of 5-hood had to wait a couple of weeks. But, to the meat of the matter:

  • Of these 15 posts, 10 were also on last year’s list of most read posts. I’m thinking when it’s good, then it’s evergreen. And once you start to move up on the Google machine’s algorithm, then everything takes care of itself.
  • For the fourth year in a row, Velda’s recipe for Wild Mushroom Cobbler is the most read post on this blog. How many times was I served that award-winning recipe in Year 5? Zero.

With absolutely no hope that this situation will change anytime soon, here are the most read posts from the fifth year of

Wild Mushroom Cobbler

US Flag: Common Display Mistakes

US Flag: Common Display Mistakes

Soap Drying Rack

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

The Use And Abuse Of Facebook

Portraits: Ronald Reagan

Petrified Forest National Park

Portraits: Lyndon B Johnson

Installing Oneida’s V3000 Dust Collection System

Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center


Orange Liqueur Taste Test

Velda’s Ahi Wraps

Soap Drying Rack

Portraits: John Adams

Portraits: Franklin D Roosevelt


Most Read Posts From Year Four

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My 15 Minutes, Uh, 8 Seconds Of Fame   1 comment

Yes, I got camera time on KTLA’s Morning Show last Friday before the California Strawberry Festival. Wanna see how I was really just eye candy?

My interview (one question) is in the 2nd video featured on the page:

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My 15 Minutes Of Fame   4 comments

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been selected to appear on LA’s top rated TV morning show on KTLA, Channel 5.

This Friday, 5/19, the show will be on location from the California Strawberry Festival’s site in Oxnard, and I’m one of two artists selected to appear on the show and talk about what we do.

I don’t know exactly when, of course, but I’m told that the segments are projected at about half past 6am and “in the 9 o’clock hour.” Here’s the link:

Watch KTLA Channel 5 News Live

And it’s all in celebration of my favorite fruit!

My Favorite Posts From 2016   Leave a comment

Smokey does not mess around. When he says the danger is extreme, believe him.

Smokey does not mess around. When he says the danger is extreme, believe him.

I debate with myself about the value of this blog at times. After all, I spend a lot of time thinking, writing, formatting … doing.

When I review the posts I’ve written over the year, though, and have to discard posts that I am really proud of in order to only show 15 posts, I know my effort is not in vain.

Here are my favorite posts from 2016. Please, enjoy!

A Family Heirloom

Auto-Updating & Patience

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 and 2

Choosing A President: 1824

Yeah. We voted at this place.

Yeah. We voted at this place.

Do All Lives Matter?

I’m Exhausted

Installing Oneida’s V3000 Dust Collection System

Mrs M’s New Booth: # 4

My Left Kneecap

Soap: At Long Last

Soap Drying Rack

The Board Chronicles: California Avocado Festival 2016

Why? You Ask Why?

Why? You Ask Why?

When Nature Fights Back: A Special Edition of The Board Chronicles

Why? You Ask Why?

You Get Your News Where?


My Favorite Posts From 2015

My Favorite Posts From 2014

My Favorite Posts From 2013

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The Best Of MowryJournal 2016   Leave a comment

These are the most viewed posts on in 2016. People from 150 countries visited this blog this year!

Six of these posts were not on this list last year, and 3 of the posts are new posts written this year. All of these posts have gone viral in one way or another, generating much interest beyond those directly in my normal, ever-increasing circle of readers.

There are 2 of Velda’s exceptional recipes here: try them, if you haven’t already. I promise you won’t regret it! It’s worthy of note that her Wild Mushroom Cobbler was this blog’s # 1 most read post for the last 2 years … until it was unseated by this year’s story about my new dust collection system. Apparently, there are more woodworkers wanting cleaner shops than cooks wanting to cook with mushrooms? If so, I very much regret it.

I focus on the recipe, of course, in the hopes that Mrs M will find time in her busy schedule to make that spectacular dish again in the near future. Maybe a little competitive spirit will inspire her.

My final observation is that I have no idea why my articles about the 18th, 36th, 2nd, 40th & 42nd Presidents are among the most read, nor why they are viewed more often than, say, my portrait of the 26th President. If nothing else, I’ve proven this year that I don’t understand politics that well.

But then, after this year, who can say they do?

In 2017, the portrait of the 44th President should be unveiled, which will then give me opportunity to update this series. Good: I already have one blog post planned for 2017!

Ductwork 16

Installing Oneida’s V3000 Dust Collection System

Installing Oneida’s V3000 Dust Collection System

Wild Mushroom Cobbler

Portraits: Ulysses S Grant

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Petrified Forest National Park

Portraits: Lyndon B Johnson

Soap Drying Rack

Wild Mushroom Cobbler

Wild Mushroom Cobbler

US Flag: Common Display Mistakes

Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center

Mrs M’s New Booth: # 4

Portraits: John Adams

Portraits: Ronald Reagan

The Use and Abuse of Facebook

Velda’s Ahi Wraps

Portraits: Bill Clinton

Ulysses S Grant, Official White House Portrait

Ulysses S Grant, Official White House Portrait


The Best of MowryJournal 2015

The Best of MowryJournal 2014

The Best of MowryJournal 2013

The Best of MowryJournal 2012

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Dear LA Times, Again,   1 comment

la-times-square-446x238I don’t mean to annoy, honest. Can you say the same?

Yesterday, I re-subscribed subscribed to your digital media, and was told by your representative that I would also continue to get the Sunday newspaper for several months at no charge. OK, that’s yesterday’s news. Today, I sent you an email, hoping to alert management to what happened. And I conveniently provided a link to my blog that explained everything in some detail.

Here’s the email I sent through your “Contact Us” form:

Subject * Comments
Website URL (if applicable)
Message * I subscribed yesterday, and the whole process was fraught with errors and problems. You really need to examine how you interact with your customers … because it’s not going well for you.

And I know newspapers can’t afford to make mistakes right now.

I blogged about the experience; link is provided in the space provided. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. Happy to help.


I got a rather prompt response from one of your representatives:

Dear Ms. Mowry,

Thank you for contacting Los Angeles Times mobile support.

We are sorry for the difficulty you have experienced on our website. Would you be willing to provide the exact error you receive upon subscribing? In addition, we appreciate if you can send a screenshot of the error. We look forward to hearing back from you.

In the interim, you can try to subscribe through this link:

If you require further assistance, please call our Customer Service at 1-(800) 252-9141 or simply respond to this email.


Lemuel Florague

A few notes about that response:

  1. I do not self-identify as a Ms. Perhaps there are other LA Times’ communicants named Henry that do so, but I do not. Mr. Mowry, or actually, just Henry, is a great way to address me.
  2. I cannot provide a screenshot of the error message, as I did not save it, and if you had read my email, you would have learned that the error was addressed yesterday. Before I wrote you.
  3. Thank you for providing the link to your subscription screen, but if you had read my email, you would have learned that I subscribed yesterday. Before I wrote you.
  4. You might want to check your customer service records about my subscription; I’m sure the 3 people that I spoke with yesterday kept good notes that would illuminate the issues for you.
  5. Oh, and if you had read the blog that I referenced for you, and that I linked for you, that would have helped as well.

I did respond to your email, however, as follows:

Feel free to read my blog, and then get back to me. Your questions will be answered when you do that.

Unfortunately, you did not respond to that email, so I don’t know if you’re still confused about my subscription status. Or my gender identity, for that matter.

Please advise.



One Of Your Newest, Frustrated Subscribers

Dear LA Times,   1 comment

I used to be very frustrated with your circulation department; it was the worst. I canceled my subscription years ago … and yesterday, my wife and I decided it was time to re-subscribe. After all, you had sent me multiple emails over this holiday weekend asking me to do exactly that.


We had both found a series of articles that you published recently about a battle between an Irvine PTA president and a power couple – parents of a 6-year old boy – that decided to take her down, no matter what. Velda tried to read the article, and failed as she was not a subscriber. I got linked to the article through a Facebook personality I follow, and I read the article perfectly well. And I was not a subscriber.

At least, that I knew of.

I tried to give you money to start a subscription, and your website wouldn’t let me. I was told I had to call subscription services, so I did.

They lied to me, and 11 minutes of my life was gone.

I told them I wanted to give you money and receive the Sunday printed edition as well as unlimited digital access for both of us. Total cost: $9.99 for 13 weeks, like your offer said. Sold!

But subscription services would not take my money. They told me I was getting a free subscription to the Sunday paper for 26 weeks (didn’t ever ask for that, and you never told me. Gee, thanks!). All I had to do was go to latimes/activate, and I could activate the digital access part of the subscription.


So, I had to call back, get another subscription department drone on the phone, and try again. This person “saw the error on my account” and told me I had to talk to the digital subscription department to get it fixed. That brought me to Erica.

I told her the whole story: how I wanted to give her money, and the website wouldn’t let me. How I wanted to be a subscriber.

I did what she told me while we were still on the phone together.


She then tried to subscribe for me in parallel, and she got it to work, but not by doing what I asked. You see, I actually asked to stop the free delivery of the Sunday paper, and allow me to pay for it.


Erica did do a paid subscription for digital access, which I was assured would work for both Velda and I after 4 days of processing time. Apparently, the whole computer subscription idea takes 4 days, so your servers must be really slow, but that’s another problem.

Back to my situation.

After two phone calls, conversations with 3 people in your circulation department, and a 23 minute conversation with Erica who at least took some of my money, here’s what I now have:

  1. A free subscription to the Sunday paper, which I offered to pay for several times … but, no. It’s free, and I better like it.
  2. A paid subscription for digital access, costing $0.99 per week for 4 weeks, and then $1.49 per week after that. And, when it’s magically processed on your end, I should be able to register Velda for no additional charge.

She said. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, dearest LA Times, please allow me to say that you have the worst circulation department I have ever dealt with. THE WORST. You should fire everyone with “Manager,” “Director” or, God forbid, “Vice President” in their title in that area and start over.

After all, I had to call to give you money today, and not one person was able to take that money and give me a paid subscription. Your bureaucracy could not get out of its own way.

Journalism, I mourn for thee.


Henry Mowry

  • Free Subscriber to the Sunday edition of the LA Times
  • Paid Subscriber to Digital editions of the LA Times

PS: the piece by Christopher Goffard called “FRAMED” sold this subscription. I hope you give Christopher a raise.


LA Times: FRAMED, A Mystery In 6 Parts

(non-subscribers can read 5 articles on per month, and I highly recommend you read this one)


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