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Ulysses S Grant, Official White House Portrait

Portraits: Ulysses S Grant

A few truths are clear about the most read posts of MowryJournal in the past year:

1. The series on Presidents found an audience … which still doesn’t include some of the members of my family. Just sayin’.

2. Velda’s recipes are three of the top posts … and alcohol is also the subject of three. Just sayin’.

3. After a steady devotion to exploring each of our 57 National Parks … only one makes the list of most read posts. It seems I have the same problem with readership that the Parks have with attendance, and we are the poorer for it, IMHO.

4. None of my woodworking posts make the list, though my post about the selection of cutting boards, with links to the science behind those choices, has made the list. Glad to help.

Here’s the list, and please, join the crowd and enjoy!

Wild Mushroom Cobbler

Wild Mushroom Cobbler

Wild Mushroom Cobbler

Portraits: Ulysses S Grant


Petrified Forest National Park

Portraits: John Adams

Portraits: Woodrow Wilson

Portraits: Theodore Roosevelt


Cutting Boards: What Kind Do You Want?

Cutting Boards: What Kind Do You Want?

Lincoln at Gettysburg

US Flag: Common Display Mistakes

Portraits: Richard Nixon

Velda’s Ahi Wraps

Cutting Boards: What Kind Do You Want?

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Smoked Paprika

Orange Liqueur Taste Test


US FLag: Common Display Mistakes

US FLag: Common Display Mistakes

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