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William Cowper, 1731-1800. This portrait by Lemuel Francis Abbott currently resides in London’s National Portrait Gallery.

The most famous poet of his time was the author of this sentiment. William Cowper, a British poet, is credited with the first published instance:

Variety’s the very spice of life

That gives it all its flavour.

From the multi-volume poetic work The Task (1785), Book II, “The Timepiece”

Other famous lines from this influential poet include:

God moves in a mysterious way

Olney Hymns, 1779

I am monarch of all I survey

“Verses Supposed to be Written by Alexander Selkirk”, 1782

It may have taken a celebrated wordsmith to capture the phrase for all time, but there’s no doubt that the glory of variety has been embraced by our society.

So have no doubt, we’re spicy.

And, in my own small way, here’s my current contribution that will help some people celebrate their search for spice.

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  1. Not fair – I’d love to have one of every one of them – they are gorgeous!!!

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