What Am I Doing Here?   3 comments

I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m doing. After all, I wonder, too.

All of the time.

Here are my goals for this blog for this year:

  • First thing I’ll do is catch up on the remaining installments of The Board Chronicles. I believe I still have 7 events from 2019 to review, including some very notable ones. The most notable ones. Those reviews (should) publish over the next several days.
  • This site will get a face lift in 2020. This blog will turn 8 years old this year (!), and it’s time for a new look.
  • I’ll continue to publish pictures of my work, observations about life in the Woodshop, The Board Chronicles, and other topics as the mood strikes.
  • I’m going to add an index for The Board Chronicles and change the organization for my woodworking, so it’ll be easier possible to actually find things.
  • I’ll definitely continue the Presidential Portraits series. And, if Mrs M has her way, I’ll be adding to the National Parks section as well in the coming months. If I have my way, I’ll be publishing more recipes as Mrs M does more cooking.

I also have a plan for my companion website, Mr M’s Woodshop:

  • This site will get a major change in focus: I’ll be adding a “click to buy” option. People will be able to directly buy items from the site, instead of, uh, having to communicate with me.
  • I’ll be updating pages so that the pictures used are more illustrative of my current work. Some of the pictures shown are of pieces I made a few years ago, and nothing good comes from living in the past.

So, there you have it. A bit of philosophy and my online plan for 2020.

OH, and that kickstarter campaign I promised for last year? I believe it’ll be coming your way this year. Game Night is finally going to happen!

3 responses to “What Am I Doing Here?

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  1. I appreciate your blog and website probably more than you know. I also make cutting boards (since 1992 but with a 12 year hiatus) and really appreciate your openness and attention to detail. I especially find it refreshing that you’re so open with your knowledge and your trade secrets. It helpful when you breakdown your shows to evaluate their financial successes or if they were a dud. Thank you for sharing, it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears.

  2. It seems like a lot of blogs slowed down towards the end of 2019. Glad there’s a new decade to stay up to date with. It’s always interesting to find out where you’ve been and what’s in store for 2020.

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