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Today is the LAST DAY of the launch discount on Mr M’s Woodshop.

Please understand; I don’t discount my work at events or when people come by the shop to buy a board. So, my offering a blanket discount on the website is really unprecedented … and won’t come around again. Truly.

Buy today, and you get 20% off of everything with the promo code “MrMsLaunch”. Plus, there is free shipping on all purchases over $50.

Beginning June 1, the promo code goes away. I will continue to offer free shipping, but the minimum will increase tomorrow to $75.

So, to summarize, on

  1. TODAY ONLY, save 20% with the promo code “MrMsLaunch”
  2. Free shipping for all purchases over $50

Thanks to all for the incredible support I’ve received with the launch of my website. I couldn’t do it without you! And since the proof of the pudding is in the eating … here’s some eye candy for you. All of these action shots were provided by proud owners of boards from the Woodshop.

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