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A Cadillac Margarita has 3 main ingredients.  Previous posts have discussed the best tequilas, and a recipe for all fresh margarita mix.  But what’s the best orange liqueur?  Velda and I happily accepted the assignment.

The taste test was done with a standard 6/4/3 recipe (tequila/mix/orange liqueur).  All margaritas were made with Marquez de Valencia reposado and fresh margarita mix.

Five liqueurs were tasted, and here are their rankings:

  1. Grand Marnier – Every premium margarita recipe specifies it, and they are correct.  Best orange flavor.
  2. Cointreau – Not as intense as Grand Marnier, but it’s still a good orange flavor.  Not as much depth in my opinion.
  3. Grand Imperial – Interesting alternative flavor.  Not as smooth, but good for a change of pace.
  4. Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur – Nice citrus flavor, but a bit sharp for my taste.  Probably good in some recipes … we improved the drink with a dash of blood orange syrup.  Velda enjoyed this with a Chinese Chicken Salad; the citrus was very complementary.
  5. Triple Sec – Almost flavorless!  Not a part of a good margarita.

I had people tell me that Cointreau was the best of a “classic” margarita taste, and it was definitely part of a good drink.  I’m finding Cointreau at the same price as Grand Marnier, though, go for the Grand Marnier, every time.

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