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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeFiguring out how to best display Mrs M’s products is an ongoing process, it seems. After vendoring for 26 months, we have now launched our 4th booth.

And it’s a smash.

When we started, we didn’t have a clue. We were so young then! The first booth was really just a bunch of routed bowls that Mrs M grabbed out of her collection, and dedicated them to the new effort that was Mrs M’s Handmade.

She included both of the custom bread bowls I made her that were the perfect size for her home made sourdough loaves … and since those bowls went into her booth, I don’t think she’s made bread since.


Our first booth was not a smash. It was humble. It was functional, and it did accommodate our meager product line:

Mrs. M and Mrs. M, before they opened on their first day. Smiles on faces, and that is a very good thing!

Mrs. M and Mrs. M, before they opened on their first day. Smiles on faces, and that is a very good thing!

We soon learned that we needed a more verticality, so I built “the back bar” that was the center piece, er, the left side of booth # 2:

The complete booth in its inaugural showing ...

The complete booth (# 2) in its inaugural showing …

We were still doing single 10×10 booths at this point … but we knew that we could grow if we were willing to double down on the booth. That’s exactly what we did with the 3rd iteration of our booth:

Booth 15 - 42

We still used the back bar in the beginning, but the key addition were the 2 small “step units” on the right side of the booth that became the home for the lotion & sugar scrub displays. More verticality … but not nearly enough. The booth continued to be a visual mess, with related products (lotion bars) separated onto different tables for no good reason.

Goleta 07

So I was charged with building booth # 4. We talked about it ad nauseum. For months. Talk, talk, talk.

We actually put pen to paper in February of this year. More talking. Then, I was ready to build a couple of weeks ago. I brought out those 3-month-old designs … and Mrs M threw them out.

Of course.

Back to the drawing board briefly – but only briefly – because I started cutting lumber that day. We had a 12-piece booth in mind, and I was on a deadline.

11 of the pieces were complete for the first show last weekend, the Rotary Art Show in Studio City. Soap was the major product premiere … and with the new booth, Mrs M had the best day EVER. The best event EVER.

One piece is yet to be completed, and one more piece has already been ordered. I’m sure the booth won’t be “complete” until our big event in Montrose, June 4 & 5. Hope to see you there!

Pictures of the booth got posted on Facebook to a soaper’s group that Mrs M is a member of (she’s obsessed with soap now!) … and the picture of the booth filled with product garnered over 1,100 likes in 24 hours! This booth, after only one event, appears to be a total success. That would be good, as I don’t want to build # 5 anytime soon.

Here are three “not finished” pictures of key pieces, and then there’s a piece-by-piece look at booth # 4. There are some complete shots with product. You may want to click through the pictures one at a time to really understand how the booth is laid out; I think the gallery of photos is a bit confusing. But, your mileage may vary. Enjoy!

Finally, the answers to the inevitable questions:

  1. What woods were used in the booth: Red Oak & White Oak.
  2. Is the booth easy to transport? Sure, if you have a trailer and a Jeep to haul everything.
  3. Where’s the new logo? Patience, grasshopper, patience. It’s on the list, and will be there by Montrose.
  4. Will I make your booth? No, you can’t afford me.
  5. Is Mrs M happy with the booth? She seems to be. Ask her.


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  1. Are you able to transport the product in the displays? That would certainly make things easier when setting up! You did a fantastic job at creating the display! Great minds create great ideas and it’s obvious the two of you put a lot of thought into the design. I look forward to seeing it in person at Montrose.

    • Transporting product in the display is something we discussed, but it would definitely bang up the product. It wouldn’t be as efficient with space, either. We nest the disassembled pieces together so we can fit the display in less space for transport.

  2. Well, now that I have my bread bowls back maybe I’ll make bread-I’ll pencil it in for July after I restock lotion, soap, scrub etc! I am so happy with the way this display unit came together. It makes set up and take down so much easier and all points in between too! There shouldn’t be a #5 till we grow and I need more more more!

  3. Great new booth. Glad studio city was successful. I had my best day ever there too!

    Linda Linda’s Jewelry


    Linda Stone-Abrams
  4. Very nice looking display pieces – good luck at future shows and enjoy the bread!!!

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  11. I’m curious you would ve willing to make displays for others? I’m new in the soap making industry and selling at our local farmers market and I’m looking for beautiful displays. Thank you and what a wonderful job both of you!

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