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One woodworking show that I enjoy watching is Rough Cut, with Tommy Mac. A recent episode talked about making a cheese board from a piece of 6/4 walnut from the cut off bin … and that episode showed the way for me to do this design.

There’s a technique where you cut sideways across the table saw blade, rather than straight through the blade. The result is a graceful cove cut, which this cheese board has on all 4 edges. Combine that cut with a rounded shape for the board, and you get unique curves going in many directions. Here’s how it’s done:


11 responses to “Cutting Sideways = Curves

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  1. Wow! This is beautiful!! Perfect timing for me – I have recently decided to take up wood working and am going to “wing it” – so these helpful guides & tips will be great for me!!!

    • Happy to help anytime. You may enjoy a community called, which is focused on woodworkers showing their work and sharing tips on how they did it.

  2. Beautiful – that solid walnut top is just gorgeous!!

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  7. What r the deminsions of this cheese board?

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