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Brianna Marathon

When I started this blog, I promised that the topics would be varied.


Since I’m spending a lot of time in the garage woodshop lately, there’s been more of a focus on woodworking this year than in year’s past, but even with limited time, I managed to do some exploration into genetics, history, food and prognostication. If you haven’t read these articles, please do. I believe you will enjoy them!

Chicken With Morels

Five Things I Didn’t Know About The Confederate Flag

I Am A Ginger

My Mother, Who Is Grand

Ten Things That Will Disappear In My Lifetime

The Big 26.2

The Board Chronicles: Fine Craft Show

The Board Chronicles: Santa’s Art Shop

The Nearly Lost Recipe

Things I Learned At The Street Fair, 2015

Things To Do When Velda Is Sick

Ridgecrest 01Velda’s Kitchen: The Dark Side


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