The Return Of The Hummingbird Sage   3 comments

Hummingbird sage is a lush California native. It can thrive in dry clay, under oak trees or even in more moist, shady conditions (a rare thing this year).

We planted our first one two years ago, and added a second last spring. They spread via rhizomes … but we’re yet to see any real ground cover from the two plants we started with, though the oldest one has definitely begun to spread. Colonies, apparently can grow to about 4′ in diameter.

Now if the hummingbirds would just find them….

Hummingbird Sage 01

Hummingbird Sage 03

Hummingbird Sage 02


Hummingbird Sage: Salvia Spathacea

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  1. how winter-hardy is it? flowers are lovely!!

    • I can’t find a specific temperature reference for the flower. The zone we’re in is Oakland Chaparral, and it does great here, with temperatures that can get down into the 30s at night. I would assume freezing temperatures are the limit; we seldom get below 30* here.

  2. too bad – bet the huimmers and butterflys here would love it!!!

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