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Patience Is A VirtueMy blog is posting very late today, but it’s not my fault, honest.

My desktop computer auto-updated last night. What does that mean?

When I turned on the monitor, I was greeted with a log-in screen. That means the computer had restarted itself during the night. Windows had auto-updated itself.

And that’s all too often a bad thing. A very bad thing.

Radio stations are often run by Windows computers (but not MY clients!). Those computers will also auto-update if the station is not careful … and that will generally knock the station off the air. Off the air is a bad thing. A very bad thing.

So, when I realized I had auto-updated, I knew I might be in for it today. And I was.

The computer was OK, all in all, except for my browser. I prefer Mozilla’s Firefox, and when I booted it this morning, it froze almost immediately. I re-booted the program, same result. I re-booted the computer, same result. I re-installed the software, same result. Repeat. Same result.

I opened another browser and looked for alternative solutions. News of a wide-spread problem. Tech tips. Clues. I got nothing.

I tried to disable add-ons. No joy. I re-booted in safe mode. No joy. I re-booted the computer … yeah, I kept doing the same exact things. No joy.

I set the problem aside so I could work for a living, accepting that any work on a browser would not be done on Firefox. Interestingly, my work’s virtual desktop, delivered on a cloud, worked fine. And it uses Firefox in that environment which worked perfectly. (sigh)

Back to my problem. Right before I left for lunch, I re-booted Firefox, which immediately froze. I walked away with it “not responding.” When I came back from lunch, Firefox was fine. I don’t know what the issue was that caused it to lock up, but the program needed time to solve its problem. I had to be patient enough to give it that time, and all was well.

Patience is a virtue. And if it was easy, anybody could do it.

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