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I’ve been asked why I do woodworking. It’s a fair question: it’s hardly a common pursuit, and when you add to that the way Mrs M’s Handmade has embraced going to pop-up events and craft fairs, it’s very clear Velda & I have entered into a different subculture.

Very different.

And with the embrace of making handcrafted objets d’art, we cheerfully deprive ourselves of sleep. We have braved heat, cold and wet. It’s seldom easy: it’s work, in other words. Our “hobby” is real work.

We’ve both got real jobs. Interesting jobs. Rewarding jobs. But, both the Lady & I feel the need to scratch an itch in a different part of our brain with our free time.

After all, we could be doing more gardening (and if you could look at our drought-stricken Southern California yard, you would know we should be). We could be spending more time decorating our house (those popcorn ceilings have GOT to go. Someday. When I have time.). We could be watching TV.

We could be doing lots of things.

But, Velda enlisted Alley, and they choose to make small batch skin care products for those suffering from dry skin. Rough skin. Muscle aches. Chapped lips. Whatever. This year, Velda’s already spent many hours researching how to make better soap, and doing it. And when we figure it out with MrsMowry, all of those Mrs M products will be in a brand new booth display & coming soon to a craft fair … and website … near you. Promise.

I choose to make things that interest me, and I make them out of wood. But why am I creating cutting boards, serving pieces, toys and other things in the garage woodshop, and then offering them to people?

Here’s why. I get to hear fabulous stories about how I have helped create wonderful memories.

Here’s today’s story from my long-time friend, the anonymous Grandmother:

When the Grandkids arrived for our Christmas celebration they discovered that we had “re-stocked” the toys and books in our sun room that is their “playroom.” The blocks were a HIT! This young lady spent a good deal of time enjoying them. I saw, but did not get there in time with the camera, the 5 kids making a TALL tower, and then filling the room with laughter as it came toppling down.

So, for me, the question is not why. It’s who wouldn’t, when you get to have a hand in creating a picture like this?

Building Blocks.

Building Blocks.

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