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I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help expand the Woodshop. You have the opportunity to become a backer of my campaign, and as a reward you’ll get one or more of the things I produce in the shop.

You get to choose.

All of the details, complete with a video I shot in the garage woodshop, is on my Kickstarter campaign page, which is here.

Some days in the shop are worse than others … but I need more space!

Go ahead & check it out. I’ll wait.

My hope, however, is that not only will you consider becoming a backer, but that you will, most importantly, forward a link to my campaign to your friends that might want to support this woodworker’s expansion efforts.

If you know people that eat, then you know people that might want an heirloom quality cutting board.

If you know people that drink, then you know people that might want a coaster set to protect their furniture.

And, of course, there are several other options as well. Don’t dally, though: the campaign ends at midnight on July 31, no matter what.

The clock is ticking.

So, please, share my campaign widely and help me reach my goal of $5,000 in pledges. If I don’t make that goal, then nothing happens. No funds are collected, no boards get made … it’s as if the campaign never was.

However, if you help me surpass the goal of $5,000, then the magic can happen, and I’ll be making and shipping cutting boards & serving pieces & such right up to December 1.

I promise.

Will you help me, please?

Here are examples of the rewards that are offered to my backers.



My Kickstarter Campaign

The Woods In The Woodshop

Kickstarter: Coasters

Kickstarter: Trivets

Kickstarter: Cheese Boards

Kickstarter: Handled Cutting Boards

Kickstarter: Large Serving Pieces

Kickstarter: Carnivore Boards

Kickstarter: Best Cutting Boards


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