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If you become a backer of my Kickstarter campaign (details are here), then you will get to choose your reward.

One possible reward for backers that pledge $85 or more are these Large Serving Pieces.

They have been called large surfboards. They have been called Cheese & Cracker Servers. Get one, and you can call it what you want. For now, though, I’m calling these Large Serving Pieces.

The Cheese & Cracker Server, in action.


Choose this reward, and you’ll get to choose the woods that I use for your piece. Here are the options:

1. Light Colors

2. Dark Colors

3. Red Tones

4. Brown Tones

5. Colorful, Stripey

Please note that all pieces of wood are different. Color and grain patterns can very widely. I will do my very best to match your requests to the piece that I make for you.


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