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Have you become a backer of my Kickstarter campaign yet? Need more details?

All of the information is on my Kickstarter page, here.

Backers that pledge $35 or more can receive a pair of Trivets to protect their table or counters.

If you know people with hot stuff, then they need Trivets.

The Kickstarter campaign is running through the end of July … and my goal of $5,000 must be reached or exceeded by that date. If I don’t make the goal, then nothing happens. If the goal is met however, then all of the backers that have selected Trivets to be their reward will get to choose from these color & wood combinations:

1. Light Colors

2. Dark Colors

3. Red Tones

4. Brown Tones

5. Colorful, Stripey

All boards have unique coloring and grain patterns. Therefore, every piece I create is unique. I will do my best to match your requests for wood and color to the pieces that I create.


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