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When I started Mr M’s Woodshop, I started making Cheese Boards. It was the first thing I sold, actually.

Today, Cheese Boards are, of course, one of the rewards for Backers of my Kickstarter campaign that pledge $40 or more. If you haven’t read about my campaign yet, then all of those details are here.

If you are one of those Backers (thank you!), then here are the wood/color options that you have to choose from for your Cheese Board:

1. Light Colors

2. Dark Colors

3. Red Tones

4. Brown Tones

5. Colorful, Stripey

All boards are unique. All grain patterns are unique. Therefore, I’ll do my best to match your color/wood requests with the pieces that I make. But, as I love to say, “I take what the wood gives me.”


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