The Moonwalking Marching Band   2 comments

Ohio State did a tribute to Michael Jackson on the 25th anniversary of the Bad album.

The full show is on the link below, but this .gif shows a spectacular highlight. Watch the video to see the moonwalking tribute come together at normal speed, at 4:00 of the video. The moonwalking starts at 4:44.

Ohio State's Moonwalking Marching Band!

Ohio State’s Moonwalking Marching Band!

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  1. Reminds me of way back in the day, when our overcrowded high school had a 275 piece marching band. The size of the band allowed us to do similar routines in sync with the pop culture of the mid ’70’s.

  2. Absolutely love this. Our band, the Pride of the Southland at UT is awesome with circle drills, etc. But I’ve never seen anything as fun as Michael Jackson moonwalking!! Thanks for including the whole video!

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