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End grain cutting boards are the king of cutting boards. They are the Best Cutting Boards.

Backers of my Kickstarter campaign (details are here) that pledge $275 or more can receive one of these end grain cutting boards. Pledge $300, and you can receive a Groovy Cutting Board, with a Juice Groove.

All of these cutting boards and heirloom quality, and making them is one of my greatest pleasures in the shop.

Backers that select the Best Cutting Boards as their reward will receive 3 custom designs from me that use the colors/woods that they select. To start the conversation, here are some examples in the various colors shown.

1. Light Colors

2. Dark Colors

3. Red Tones

4. Brown Tones

5. Colorful, (but not so) Stripey

The end grain cutting boards here are a mix of colors. All can have juice grooves that are 3/4″ wide x 3/8″ deep: much larger and much more useful than a typical juice groove found in generic, commercial cutting boards.

All wood has unique colors and grain patterns. I will do my best to match your requests to the pieces that I create.


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