My Father And My Grandfathers   8 comments

Here, I believe, are pictures of my father and each of my grandfathers … to the extent of the archive. Click on the photos to read the captions where I identify the relationship with each.

Here you see my father, my two Grandfathers, my four Great Grandfathers, seven of my Great Great Grandfathers, and five of my Great Great Great Grandfathers.

8 responses to “My Father And My Grandfathers

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  1. It is very nice to have these family photographs. A true family treasure.

    • Absolutely true! My mother became the self-proclaimed family pack rat many years ago … and all I did was scan them. A treasure trove like this only exists through many years and many generations of people saving photographs and passing them down!

  2. I remember finding that pic of Abraham Mowry – sure glad I did before the house went down!!! grins g

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