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Our local Senior Center staged a Touch A Truck event on the day before Father’s Day. It’s a great idea: they gather all sorts of big trucks & machines, and invite kids to come climb on them, meet the operators, and perhaps imagine being able to operate really cool things like garbage trucks, fire trucks and tow trucks.

Little boys were in nirvana. Dads and Moms with little boys and little girls were having just as much fun. Life was good. This was a great event for young families, and a great outreach for all of the city departments on display with their shiny trucks.

And a bonus! On this Saturday before Father’s Day, fathers bringing a young kid with them got in free. Everyone else paid $5, with all proceeds going to the Senior Center.

With all of the young families bustling about between the big trucks, it seems that the vendors did most of their business with each other … and thankfully, the many volunteers for the Senior Center liked Mrs M’s lotions!


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