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The sign in my booth says “Mr M’s Trivets – Protecting Hot Stuff Since 2017.”

And people still ask me, “What’s a trivet?” It’s a funny word, so I can see how people that are non-native English speakers might be challenged, but it’s more than that. Many people just aren’t familiar with the term – in any language. I’ve watched the younger generation ask their elders what a trivet is in their native language and get blank stares.

So that’s the first surprise: many people do not know what a trivet is. So my task is to help educate people, one trivet at a time.

The second surprise is much more artistic.

My trivets are popular, and the most popular purchase … is two, mismatched trivets.

I make the trivets from “blanks,” as I call them. Each blank makes 2x trivets, so people can buy a matched pair. They just don’t want to!

Well, not usually, anyway. Mrs M did want a matched set, so she did not embrace her love of chaos in this particular case. Not predictable, that one. Believe me, after 45 years, I don’t even try to predict her.

But I do work to protect the wonderful hot stuff coming from her kitchen.

Here are the latest trivets for shoppers this holiday season.


Buying Trivets from the Woodshop

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  1. It’s always fun to choose either a matched or a mismatched pair of trivets! They are a wonderful gift anytime of the year!

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