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I sit right by the Lazy Susans in the booth layout I’m using these days, and I’ve gotten used to the look in the eyes of customers on the prowl as they stalk them.

They’ll walk into the booth, soak in the mise en scène, and spy the Susans.

“Are those Lazy Susans?” they ask.

I don’t say a word. I just give the top one a spin. Words are not necessary.

One thing I’ve learned is that any round board is assumed to be a Lazy Susan. I did round cutting boards for a time, but I got tired of explaining that my 1-1/2″ thick round, slope-sided cutting board was not a Lazy Susan.

So, I stopped making them. If having a round board that does not spin is confusing, then I won’t have them.

Confusion is not my goal. The marketplace has spoken, and I listened.

Since I started making Lazy Susans – at the request of a client! – they have been one of my more consistent sellers. I like to make them in batches, but I had let my inventory dwindle so this latest batch is overdue. As always, I celebrated with some very unique color and grain patterns. Please, enjoy!

A Big Susan … And The Corners   1 comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---Large“We have a big family,” they said.

I love doing special orders for people, so they get exactly what they want. This lady wanted a Lazy Susan.

A big Lazy Susan.

So, that’s what she got.

This Susan is 30″ across. It actually took me 6 glue-ups after a couple of mistakes that had to be fixed. The woods used are Black Walnut, Yellowheart, Hard Maple, Cherry & Purpleheart. And, as you may have surmised from seeing the pictures, this was a chaos Lazy Susan.

However, the story doesn’t end there. Since this is a really, really big Susan, I had to make a really, really big square to cut the circle out of. And, when you cut out a big circle, you leave big corners behind … and these were big enough, I just had to do something with them. In my latest batch of boards, this new cheese board was the one that everyone commented on, as it’s a new style for me.

“Make more, make more!” they all said.

Now if I can just find someone that wants to buy several large Lazy Susans….


Lazy Susan 17 – 01. Black Walnut, Yellowheart, Cherry, Hard Maple & Purpleheart. 30″ diameter. Commissioned piece.

Here’s the Susan with 12″ steel rules included in the picture to give the size of the piece some perspective.

lazy-susan-17-01aSometimes the need for inspiration propels the ability to have it. Doing things differently can be a very good thing!

Cheese Board 17 - 315. Purpleheart, Hard Maple, Cherry, Black Walnut & Yellowheart. Chaos board. 11" x 11" x 3/4".

Cheese Board 17 – 315. Purpleheart, Hard Maple, Cherry, Black Walnut & Yellowheart. Chaos board. 11″ x 11″ x 3/4″.

With All Due Apologies, Susan   1 comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeA good story is always worth re-telling. After all, many people missed the story before, so they have the benefit of catching up. For the people that heard the story before … a good story is always a good story.

Food turntables have been around for centuries, we know, but why do we call them Lazy Susans?

No one knows.

The legends point to Monticello, to England and even to the Far East … but no one really knows. There’s a great summation of this story that ran in the LA Times a few years ago; link is at the bottom.

What we do know is that the first published instance of the term “Lazy Susan” was in a 1917 edition of Vanity Fair, where “Ovington’s $8.50 Mahogany ‘Revolving Server or Lazy Susan'” is advertised. The term is probably a 20th century invention, it appears … and they were really, really big in the ’50s & ’60s.

The trends have turned again, naturally, and Lazy Susans are a consistent seller from the Woodshop. Here are the latest … and I doubt I will make any more Lazy Susans much before Thanksgiving. Let me know if any catch your eye!


LA Times: Back Story: Who Was Susan, And Was She Truly Lazy?

Wikipedia: Lazy Susan

Odds & Ends. And A Lazy Susan.   Leave a comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeIt’s summer. Thank goodness.

The Spring Fling is but a memory, and now we’re moving on to one of our few summer events.

Very few summer events. Thank goodness.

This week, we’re going to Lompoc (never been there!) for the Lompoc Flower Festival. No clue what awaits us, but Lompoc has been considered a key source of flower seeds for the world, I’m told. So, they have a Flower Festival, and we’re going.

After all, it’s forecast to be 30* cooler there than it is in Santa Clarita this weekend, and we are SO in.

As is my tradition, a few boards got finished just in time for this grand event. Some are off cuts. Some are special orders, and a few are actually added to my constantly shrinking inventory for this event.

After this weekend, we’re back in SoCal for next weekend to make more stuff … for the July 4th event in downtown Ventura. Hope to see you soon!


It’s About The Wood   3 comments

“I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell.”

  • The Real Bruce Dickinson, as played by Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live, April 8, 2000.

In this case, it’s about the wood, not the cowbell. Although I have played cowbell in my time, so I do understand that cure as well.

But back to the wood. This collection of 5 Lazy Susans was just completed for this weekend’s big event, the California Strawberry Festival.

Three of the Susans have Mahogany in them, which I was able to buy inexpensively because somebody made a big mistake. The lumberyard got an order for 2″ rough stock flooring, and they cut the order – 7 pallets of order – using Mahogany.

But the buyer didn’t want Mahogany.

So, I got the opportunity to buy a few pieces for pennies on the dollar. Wish I had more, but this is the end of my mistaken Mahogany.

The other 2 Susans both have Padauk in them, which is freshly surfaced in these pictures. And, yes, when Padauk is fresh, its color is pumpkin orange, just as these pictures show. Over time, though, that color will fade to a nice warm brown. Not as spectacular, perhaps, but more in keeping with most decors, I believe.

So, Mahogany may not always be cheap, and Padauk may not always be orange … but when you’ve got a fever,  more cowbell is the only cure. Just sayin’.



Serving Pieces   Leave a comment

I was recently reminded that any board can be used as a serving piece … cutting boards, Lazy Susans, cheese boards, whatever.

I love it when people teach me how they want to use the board, and it’s not a traditional way!

Here are some serving pieces. Maybe. How would you use them?

The 50th Susan   2 comments

I know I’ve been working in the garage woodshop a lot this year. After all, I’ve got the bags and bags of sawdust to prove it.

And bags.

Still, it does make me stop when I realize that with this post, I’ve now published pictures of 50 Lazy Susans that I’ve built this year. Two thoughts:

  1. People often see my work, and with appreciation, tell me that woodcraft is almost a lost art … but clearly, there’s a need for it.
  2. I’m doing nothing to help the reputations of the Susans of the world.

Sorry, Susan   Leave a comment

She must still be lazy, because people keep loving these Lazy Susans!

Lots of innovative wood selections here. I dug to the back of the rolling wood cart and found some Mahogany and some interesting Birdseye Maple. Woodworkers are pack rats, and hold on to interesting pieces of wood until they find just the right use for them.

I hope you’ll agree I used this wood for a good purpose.

Big Susan … and More Susans   Leave a comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeI was asked to make a large Lazy Susan for a lady that needed one 20″ in diameter.

That’s a big Lazy Susan.

I made 2 big ones for that customer to choose from (#16 & 17).

Needing to make a couple means I might as well make a bunch … so I made a new set of Lazy Susans. I got creative, and used some Canarywood that I bought very recently. I seldom get to work with that expensive exotic, but it is a gorgeous wood. That Lazy Susan (#23) is really unique

Another totally unique piece is the one with the quilted Black Walnut in the center (#18).

I love it when I can find a unique piece of wood, and then find the perfect home for it.

We’ll see if anyone with such a perfect home wants these at today’s Agua Dulce Country Fair!

Sorry, Susan   Leave a comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeThe Lazy Susans are back!

With all due apologies to the Susans of the world, here’s the latest batch of Lazy Susans. I was out of them for a while, and hope to keep them in stock going forward. Come to find out, a lot of people want this increasingly rare serving piece on their table.

I’ll do my best to help.

All are 17″ in diameter and about 1″ thick, with the turntable hardware underneath. Adhesive wool bumpers will protect your table from the metal turntable.

For the story of how these serving pieces first came to be in use (Thomas Jefferson loved his!) and forever branded Susan as lazy, click the link below for “The Cleverest Waitress In The World.”


The Cleverest Waitress In The World

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