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Yes, These Are Lazy Susans   1 comment

I have a lot of fun making Lazy Susans. And it’s a good thing: they are a consistent seller.

They are never a huge seller, mind you, but I sell one or two at almost every show. The Lazy Susans I make are unique, colorful, robust … and most of my customers have never seen anything like them.

Families love Lazy Susans. When they can keep the little boys and girls from spinning them so fast that things fly off, that is. But that’s the joy of raising little ones, I believe. I was one once, after all.

Building a memory about a spilled bottle of ketchup: priceless.

I work to keep my Susans unique and fun. I do make simple ones now and again, and they do find happy homes. The Susans that sell quickly, though, are the ones with colors and a bit of flash. This batch belongs to that category; my next batch will have more simpler designs.

If you’re out and about this weekend, come see the Susans, Mrs M and myself at Ventura’s 43rd Annual 4th of July Street Fair. Come on out, and if you’re star spangled, you’ll fit right in.

Oh … and if you haven’t heard, I am running a Kickstarter campaign RIGHT NOW to help me expand the workshop’s capabilities. The campaign runs through July, and is currently 69% funded. If I reach or surpass my goal, then all is well. If I don’t reach the goal, though, then it’s as if nothing happened. No boards get made, no expansion happens. If you are interested in backing my campaign – and getting some cool stuff as a reward – then, please, click here: Handmade Cutting Boards & Wooden Serving Pieces.


With All Due Apologies, Susan


The 50th Susan   2 comments

I know I’ve been working in the garage woodshop a lot this year. After all, I’ve got the bags and bags of sawdust to prove it.

And bags.

Still, it does make me stop when I realize that with this post, I’ve now published pictures of 50 Lazy Susans that I’ve built this year. Two thoughts:

  1. People often see my work, and with appreciation, tell me that woodcraft is almost a lost art … but clearly, there’s a need for it.
  2. I’m doing nothing to help the reputations of the Susans of the world.

Sorry, Susan   Leave a comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeThe Lazy Susans are back!

With all due apologies to the Susans of the world, here’s the latest batch of Lazy Susans. I was out of them for a while, and hope to keep them in stock going forward. Come to find out, a lot of people want this increasingly rare serving piece on their table.

I’ll do my best to help.

All are 17″ in diameter and about 1″ thick, with the turntable hardware underneath. Adhesive wool bumpers will protect your table from the metal turntable.

For the story of how these serving pieces first came to be in use (Thomas Jefferson loved his!) and forever branded Susan as lazy, click the link below for “The Cleverest Waitress In The World.”


The Cleverest Waitress In The World

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