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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeI was asked to make a large Lazy Susan for a lady that needed one 20″ in diameter.

That’s a big Lazy Susan.

I made 2 big ones for that customer to choose from (#16 & 17).

Needing to make a couple means I might as well make a bunch … so I made a new set of Lazy Susans. I got creative, and used some Canarywood that I bought very recently. I seldom get to work with that expensive exotic, but it is a gorgeous wood. That Lazy Susan (#23) is really unique

Another totally unique piece is the one with the quilted Black Walnut in the center (#18).

I love it when I can find a unique piece of wood, and then find the perfect home for it.

We’ll see if anyone with such a perfect home wants these at today’s Agua Dulce Country Fair!

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