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“I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell.”

  • The Real Bruce Dickinson, as played by Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live, April 8, 2000.

In this case, it’s about the wood, not the cowbell. Although I have played cowbell in my time, so I do understand that cure as well.

But back to the wood. This collection of 5 Lazy Susans was just completed for this weekend’s big event, the California Strawberry Festival.

Three of the Susans have Mahogany in them, which I was able to buy inexpensively because somebody made a big mistake. The lumberyard got an order for 2″ rough stock flooring, and they cut the order – 7 pallets of order – using Mahogany.

But the buyer didn’t want Mahogany.

So, I got the opportunity to buy a few pieces for pennies on the dollar. Wish I had more, but this is the end of my mistaken Mahogany.

The other 2 Susans both have Padauk in them, which is freshly surfaced in these pictures. And, yes, when Padauk is fresh, its color is pumpkin orange, just as these pictures show. Over time, though, that color will fade to a nice warm brown. Not as spectacular, perhaps, but more in keeping with most decors, I believe.

So, Mahogany may not always be cheap, and Padauk may not always be orange … but when you’ve got a fever,  more cowbell is the only cure. Just sayin’.



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