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Round = Spinning   Leave a comment

I sit right by the Lazy Susans in the booth layout I’m using these days, and I’ve gotten used to the look in the eyes of customers on the prowl as they stalk them.

They’ll walk into the booth, soak in the mise en scène, and spy the Susans.

“Are those Lazy Susans?” they ask.

I don’t say a word. I just give the top one a spin. Words are not necessary.

One thing I’ve learned is that any round board is assumed to be a Lazy Susan. I did round cutting boards for a time, but I got tired of explaining that my 1-1/2″ thick round, slope-sided cutting board was not a Lazy Susan.

So, I stopped making them. If having a round board that does not spin is confusing, then I won’t have them.

Confusion is not my goal. The marketplace has spoken, and I listened.

Since I started making Lazy Susans – at the request of a client! – they have been one of my more consistent sellers. I like to make them in batches, but I had let my inventory dwindle so this latest batch is overdue. As always, I celebrated with some very unique color and grain patterns. Please, enjoy!

I Have Nothing Against You, Susan.   1 comment


I don’t know why I’m picking on Susans so much … well, yes I do.

People like my Lazy Susans, and they keep buying the pretty ones. Which means, they keep buying all of them, and I have to make more.

Have to.

So, nothing against the Susans of the world, but here’s the latest batch of 8. Two of these hearken back to the first ones I made, way back in 2014, which were pure Black Walnut. The 2 Black Walnut Susans shown here are the first ones I’ve made since, and feature some very attractive sapwood.