The 50th Susan   2 comments

I know I’ve been working in the garage woodshop a lot this year. After all, I’ve got the bags and bags of sawdust to prove it.

And bags.

Still, it does make me stop when I realize that with this post, I’ve now published pictures of 50 Lazy Susans that I’ve built this year. Two thoughts:

  1. People often see my work, and with appreciation, tell me that woodcraft is almost a lost art … but clearly, there’s a need for it.
  2. I’m doing nothing to help the reputations of the Susans of the world.

2 responses to “The 50th Susan

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  1. These are gorgeous.

    • Thank you! I love choosing different kinds of woods, and then seeing what the wood will give me in various combinations. As I always say, every Susan is different.

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