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New: Bread Saws   3 comments

Sometimes it just takes too long for me to complete a good idea.

I made a bread saw prototype in 2016, and promptly sold it as part of a wedding gift. You would think I would use that success and motivate myself to make more … but no.

I did buy the necessary hardware, which has sat in my cabinet for more than a year. You would think that would motivate … but no.

But, when a Lady walked into the booth last month and asked me to make her not one, but two Bread Saws, I couldn’t say no. She told me she had been searching for them for years.

Just like me & my motivation.

These Bread Saws are made from various hardwoods. The handle helps you cut each slice to the same thickness. Each handle is cut from a single piece of wood with an ergonomic shape that feels very good in your hand. The saw blades are stainless steel, and are so sharp that each saw comes with a protective shield.

Each piece is about 16″ x 2″. The saw blade is 8″ long.

Bread Saws in production. They are curvy.

I took all of the Bread Saws with me to my weekend event, Jackalope Summer Nights in Pasadena. Sold one almost immediately. The buyer had also “been looking for one for years.”

And then she found me. That’s good, right?


New: Bread Boards   3 comments

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeOne thing that’s freeing about running a small shop is that I get to do what I want.

And I wanted to make this new shape of board. I call them bread boards, but they might be cutting boards, charcuterie boards, or just a great serving board for a sub sandwich.

People will do with them as they will.

Me, I just get to have fun making them.

These somewhat mobile boards are intended for 2-sided use. They are a bit thicker than a typical sous chef board, so they are a bit more robust. They’re 8″ wide x 20″ long, so they are not a small board, but they are more narrow than my Mrs M prefers.

As she told me.

So I’m pretty sure that she won’t be taking one of these for her kitchen. Works for me: more for you!

Here are the 11 new bread boards, submitted for your perusal.

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