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May-June 1930. Washington, D.C. "Man with radio." Or is it the other way around? Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. Shorpy Historical Photos

May-June 1930. Washington, D.C. “Man with radio.” Or is it the other way around? Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. Shorpy Historical Photos



Shorpy Historical Photos: 1930 Radio

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  1. Proving once again the old adage “the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys”. Dad, or more likely gramps, has the SERIOUS radio gear! It doesn’t take too much sleuthing to see that he’s operating the relatively new technology, and the latest wrinkle in radio — SHORTWAVE worldwide reception. He’s a serious enthusiast, with a Pilot Super Wasp (battery version) and state of the art Western Electric loudspeaker with the extra large cone (which he’ll switch over to, once he’s optimized the signal through his headphones. He likely built this radio himself from the kit supplied by Pilot Radio Corp, and not being satisfied with some of its limitations as designed, he’s added no fewer than three additional controls; one in the center of the panel, and two on the right. He’s pursuing pin-point accuracy in dialing in the most feeble signals. So as to be minimally distracted, he keeps the telephone by his side, which tells us that he spends A LOT of time with his Super Wasp. Being born in the Victorian era, he probably spends far less time with his family. Speaking of which, yes, I agree, the boys and ladies in the other radio photo with the Westinghouse Radiola RC probably ARE listening to a baseball game, by the look on their faces. Other broadcast fare at that time mainly consisted of pork belly price reports, music of the broadcaster’s choice, and sermons.

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