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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeOne thing that’s freeing about running a small shop is that I get to do what I want.

And I wanted to make this new shape of board. I call them bread boards, but they might be cutting boards, charcuterie boards, or just a great serving board for a sub sandwich.

People will do with them as they will.

Me, I just get to have fun making them.

These somewhat mobile boards are intended for 2-sided use. They are a bit thicker than a typical sous chef board, so they are a bit more robust. They’re 8″ wide x 20″ long, so they are not a small board, but they are more narrow than my Mrs M prefers.

As she told me.

So I’m pretty sure that she won’t be taking one of these for her kitchen. Works for me: more for you!

Here are the 11 new bread boards, submitted for your perusal.

3 responses to “New: Bread Boards

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  1. Love these – I’m thinking I need to build on a large kitchen storage area so I can buy boards!!!!

  2. Henry looking for a three inch think butcher board that’s about 10″ X 10″ can you make that?

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