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Our first house had issues.  The “yard” was pea gravel and chain link.  My kids deserved better.  Chain link, gone … wood fence, in.  We installed sod (there’s a reason it’s called sweat equity).

The result?  Happy kids, happy life.

The next house came with a nice big yard that begged for a swing set, and that happened, complete with a clubhouse, slide and steering wheel.  That was great for a while … but then a pool was needed.  Check.

Velda had the next vision for the back yard, and it was a big one.  Kids were growing up, and it was time for the back yard entertainment to reflect that.  Next step?  Outdoor seating for parties.  The BBQ needed a big upgrade.  And the centerpiece?  A wood-fired oven.

We found a contractor that had installed a couple of wood-fired ovens – but those clients never used them, he said.  He didn’t know the Mowry’s!

Temperatures in the oven exceed 700*. Pizzas cook in under 5 minutes.

We drove to Pasadena, picked up the oven kit, and gave the contractor the design for the outdoor kitchen.  Three months later, we were cooking like never before!

Today, we regularly host “make your own” home made gourmet pizza in the backyard for our family & friends.  We’re serious about our pizza.  All ingredients are fresh and home made.  We’re constantly upping our game:  morel mushrooms were a welcome addition at our last event.  It’s almost a given that we do pizza for the kids on their birthdays & celebrations.  A small night is just 10 people and 10 pizzas.  A big night … well, it can be very big.

Here’s the idea:  you need toys.  Sometimes it’s space for the kids, and sometimes it’s something unique like a pizza oven.  Get out in front of it … what will you need next summer?  In three years?

Because of our pizza oven, we’ve:

  • Shown people how to cook with fire
  • Remained the clubhouse for family & friends
  • Hosted UCLA’s Dinner with 12 Strangers
  • Explored pizza recipes from fig & prosciutto to potato pizza
  • Had Thanksgiving turkey from the oven

Coming soon:  Velda’s hosting a group to bake bread in the oven.

And this all happened because Velda didn’t think we needed a swing set anymore.  See what happens when you THINK?

Chicken Bacon Ranch is one of the favorites. Of course it is: it has bacon.

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  1. …with the emergence of grandkids we will be needing that swingset and pool back, and, of course, pizza prep will be part of their early childhood education (is there an app for that?).

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