The 300th Cutting Board, 3rd Time ‘Round   1 comment

Here I go again, flirting with inventory growth. I’m back over 300 pieces in inventory – if only for a day or 2 – so it’s time to commemorate the best of the cutting boards I’ve just made.

Sometimes, simple is the best.

I’ve made this design for a few years now … but I never have them in stock. I make them about once a year for some unknown reason.

I’m an artist. I make what I want. Deal with it.

No one said I was in this for the money, or I’d be smarter about what I make. Maybe.

In any event, this board is made with basic American hardwoods: Black Walnut, Black Cherry (AKA American Cherry, or just Cherry), and Hard Maple.

This is a classic design. I think I need to make it more often!

Cutting Board 18 – 715. Cherry, Black Walnut & Hard Maple. End grain. 12″ x 17″ x 1-1/4″.


The 300th Cutting Board, 2nd Time ‘Round (4/4/18)

The 300th Cutting Board (2/9/18)

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The 250th Cutting Board (4/8/17)

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The 200th Cutting Board, 4th Time ‘Round (10/7/16)

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