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End grain cutting boards are the best … as long as you don’t have some innate fixation on stripes, requiring your cutting boards to be edge grain. If you do, no worries, I make those as well.

But they’re not as hard as end grain boards. They will show more wear than end grain boards. And they’re just not as much fun. Your mileage may vary, of course.

I just finished a large batch of end grain boards, in time for the Spring Fling. This weekend is my first 2018 hometown event, sponsored by my hometown radio station: the KHTS Home & Garden Show.

Drop by, and you’ll find me in a double booth (1401 & 1438), right beside the Arbor Day free tree giveaway. Mrs M is beside me, of course, in 1402. We’ll be there on Saturday, 10-5, and Sunday, 10-4. Come see us, and you’ll see these brand new boards!

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