The 200th Cutting Board, 8 Months Later   10 comments

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeApparently, I’m in a rare and wonderful place. My inventory has bumped up over 200 pieces for only the second time. The last time was in September 2015, as I prepared for the holiday push.

And I’m back … for the spring push?

It is true that we have several events in April, May and even June (see my schedule, here). However, it’s also true that I’ve taken advantage of our time off during the first few months of this year to clean the shop and make stuff. I’ve just finished about 65 new boards, including this new design, and you’ll see the other fruits of my labor over the next few days.

Meanwhile, I’ll glory over having 200+ boards in inventory … for about 9 days. Perhaps I’ll be able to push the number back up in May, but more likely that will be in June when we have several weeks off again.

Thank goodness!

This board is pure hard maple, and is a rare 2-sided design from me. No feet attached, and the finger hold is centered on the edge, so the board is both easy to pick up and flip over to the other side. Some might do veggies on one side and meats on the other; some might display one side and use the other. All good … just so they use it somehow!



The 200th Cutting Board

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