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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeI have a mission to bring more magic into everyone’s life.

Because who couldn’t use a little magic?

Here’s the Magic Bottle Opener at work in our home, bringing us magic, one bottle cap at a time:

Magic Bottle Opener - FridgeMany people try to tell me that it’s not magic holding the bottle caps in place, but they’re wrong.

It’s magic. Rare earth magic.

After all, what else makes metal things hover in space, other than magic? The laws of gravity no longer apply. It’s magic!

The only problem I have, honestly, is keeping up with the demand for these Magic Bottle Openers (I call them MBOs). They quickly became my best-selling item, once I started making them in quantity. I made one, and sold only two special orders last year. This year, I made a selection … and people started selecting.

There are two basic options: single magic and double magic. The single magic version is made to wall mount, and the double magic version will stick on your attractive refrigerator – or could also be used as a wall mount, if you choose. I include the screws to mount your MBOs on the wall with every purchase (you just remove the small screws holding on the bottle opener and replace them with longer screws to do a wall mount).

For your perusal, here are 19 new MBOs. 10 are single magic, and 9 are double magic:

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  1. The beauty of capitalism. Your customers will tell you what you need to make.

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