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More Magic, Just In Time   Leave a comment

I almost sold out of Magic Bottle Openers last year. I ended the year with only 3 on hand … and since I sell several at every event, I was in trouble for this year.

Did I mention our first event is this weekend?

So, back to the shop.

For the first time, I cut the holes for the magic using the CNC. So, while I was smoothing and shaping the blanks, the CNC was saving me a few steps at the drill press. Now, every hole is perfectly drilled and perfectly placed the same way every time.

It’s not magic, but it is a really good idea!

So, here are new MBOs, just in time. With this batch, though, I’m now out of magic … my shopping list just never ends. That’s a good thing, right?


At Long Last, More Magic

Wanted: Attractive Refrigerators   Leave a comment

It’s wit.

In my opinion.

Magic Bottle Openers stick to your attractive refrigerator. If your refrigerator isn’t attractive, then the MBO will still wall mount. And it doesn’t care how attractive your wall is, because it’s pre-drilled and I’ll give you the mounting hardware.

MBOs continue to be my # 1 seller. I now use 6 different colors & styles of bottle openers mounted on the seemingly infinite combinations of wood possible when you work with 20 different hardwood species.

Mrs M is even helping me make them now, as its best if I have help when we’re gluing the magic into the MBOs. Double Magic MBOs have 7 pieces of magic, and it gets pretty exciting when those pieces start, uh, attracting each other, and flipping into places where I don’t want them.

Magic has to be contained, you see. If it’s allowed to run rampant, then unforeseen things could happen, and that’s just not what I’m about.

Here’s the latest from the garage woodshop!

I Call Them MBOs   Leave a comment

Well, I call them MBOs among the family, who have heard me talking about them enough to not want to sit through the polysyllabic formal name: Magic Bottle Openers.

I am surprised, though, that many people see these bottle openers at an event, and don’t immediately appreciate the magic. I mean, I always display the MBOs with a vertical sample that has bottle caps stuck on it magically – held in mid-air against the forces of gravity.

That’s magic.

I guess people might think those caps are glued in place, but that’s why I move them when I demonstrate the magic in the MBOs. At that point, I generally get a comment about how the MBO has an m-word in it … and I always correct the customer. Every customer.

They are MAGIC, thank you very much.

These 12x MBOs are double magic, in fact: not only will they catch your bottle caps, but they will also stick to your refrigerator, if it’s attractive. If your refrigerator isn’t attractive, though….

MBOs are approximately 5″ x 11″ x 3/4″. I use 5 different colors/styles of bottle openers, and all MBOs, even these “fridge mount” versions, are pre-drilled for wall mounting, if that’s your preference. I’ll even give you the longer screws needed to wall mount the MBO; you just remove the short screws that hold on the bottle opener, and replace them with the long screws to attach to your mounting surface.

Then you’re ready for the magic.

It Begins Again   1 comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeIt’s been a glorious run. 75 days without an event meant I had time to retire to the garage woodshop, and really get to making. And then Dr H showed up, and showed me how the professionals do it.

He just recently actually retired, you see, so he’s the professional at, uh, retiring. Me, I’ve got a long way to go before I can say I don’t have a job, just a hobby. And it’s an out of control hobby, at that.

While he was here, I showed him how I do what I do for fun. He even had some fun with me, until I handed him a sander & told him to get to work.

And work he did. That’ll teach him … ’cause that boy needs teaching. And if you know him, you know what I mean.

But, unfortunately, all good things must end and Dr H’s vacation from retirement (which is confusing to me) is over and he’s now on the way home. I’m left sweeping the floors by myself … which is a good thing, as there is a lot of sawdust to clean up. Vacations are over, making is complete for now, and it’s time to get back to vendoring.

This weekend, you’ll find me at the Fresno Home & Garden Show. Big doings in Fresno. Who knew?

This is a solo show for me; Mrs M has concluded she may not belong at Home & Garden Shows. No matter; I’m sure that I’ll be able to find a good time. In Fresno. After all, I’m bringing the magic with me.


More Magic Required

The Last Bits Of Magic

The Last Bits Of Magic   1 comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeThis whole magic thing is out of control. With this group of Magic Bottle Openers (I call them MBOs), I have made over 200 of them this year. I anticipate my sales will be … over 200 of them this year.

See the problem?

I’m selling them just about as fast as I can make them, which is a wonderful thing from some perspectives. As long as I don’t want or need to take a day off, that is!

Mrs M has officially been made the first assistant for making these … she lays down the epoxy, and I insert the magic right behind her. That keeps the epoxy from setting before I can place the magic into the MBOs, which can be a terrible problem, I assure you.

I’ve run out of supplies again, so I went to Big Orange and bought more hardware today. I already have more magic bits on order for 2017’s first batch of these Magic Bottle Openers. More bottle openers are on the way as well; it wouldn’t do to have one without the other.

For the explanations of why these bottle openers are magic – and more pictures! – go here. All of these MBOs are approximately 5″ x 11″ x 3/4″. Pricing is simple: $35 for single magic models (wall mount), and $45 for double magic (fridge mount).


There’s A Clamor: More Magic   Leave a comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeIf you think you’ve been seeing a lot of Magic Bottle Openers in this space … you’re right. They are now my # 1 seller.

Imagine if you were the one making them, one at a time.

So, it was time for new designs. New woods. I even added a 5th color of metal bottle opener.

Lots of different stuff here. Honest.

So where am I? I’ve made about 150 of these this year, and I believe I’m going to make another 100 before the end of the year. If I can keep up, that is. I may want to go to a movie at some point.

But I’m not counting on that!

By the way … if you’re new to these, then you may want some definitions and to understand why these are magic. For all of those explanations – and more pictures! – go here. All of these MBOs are approximately 5″ x 10″ x 3/4″. Pricing is simple: $35 for single magic models, and $45 for double magic.

New: Gifts For Groomsmen   4 comments

This story has such nice symmetry to it.

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeWay back when, at our very first Mrs M event – the Santa Clarita Street Fair! – we met a wonderful young lady as our neighbor. She was a pro at doing craft fairs, and she showed kindness to us at our first event. Here’s what I said about our neighbor at that event on March 25, 2014:

Mrs. M’s wasn’t the only store there offering handmade products, but we were on the more uncommon side. The sweet young ladies running the booth next to us sold unique handmade jewelry that they make for ankles & feet. They were good neighbors, and Little Girl even approves. Check out their website, here.

Flash forward 2+ years later, and we ran into Sarah in her Jungle Bee booth at a different event this Spring. Come to find out, she was getting married … and she loved my Magic Bottle Openers enough that she drug her fiancé down to see them. And order them for all of his groomsmen!

Daniel was all in, and it was my pleasure to make 9 MBOs – with double magic – for the guys standing up with him.

Since then, I’ve been told that these are perfect groomsmen gifts. Well, OK then. I’m happy to help!


Engraved 16 - MBO Groomsmen

The groom asked that I mix it up and use several different designs for his wedding party … so none of these 9 MBOs are exactly alike.

And, of course, since the happy couple are good people, it was my pleasure to make an engraved cutting board for them as well:

Engraved 16 - 16

Engraved 16 – 16. Black Walnut, Cherry & Hard Maple. 10″ x 11″ x 1″.


More Magic Required   7 comments

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeI have a mission to bring more magic into everyone’s life.

Because who couldn’t use a little magic?

Here’s the Magic Bottle Opener at work in our home, bringing us magic, one bottle cap at a time:

Magic Bottle Opener - FridgeMany people try to tell me that it’s not magic holding the bottle caps in place, but they’re wrong.

It’s magic. Rare earth magic.

After all, what else makes metal things hover in space, other than magic? The laws of gravity no longer apply. It’s magic!

The only problem I have, honestly, is keeping up with the demand for these Magic Bottle Openers (I call them MBOs). They quickly became my best-selling item, once I started making them in quantity. I made one, and sold only two special orders last year. This year, I made a selection … and people started selecting.

There are two basic options: single magic and double magic. The single magic version is made to wall mount, and the double magic version will stick on your attractive refrigerator – or could also be used as a wall mount, if you choose. I include the screws to mount your MBOs on the wall with every purchase (you just remove the small screws holding on the bottle opener and replace them with longer screws to do a wall mount).

For your perusal, here are 19 new MBOs. 10 are single magic, and 9 are double magic:

Wall Mount Surfer Thermometer   Leave a comment

OK, perhaps you’re intrigued by the title. You wonder if I’m making thermometers now?


This is a story about media in our society.

Yesterday, this blog’s traffic blew up. The number one search used to find “Wall Mount Surfer Thermometer.” And, as you probably know, that has nothing to do with what I do. At all.

I make things that do wall mount. And, I make things shaped like surfboards. But surfers? Thermometers?


However, somehow, someway, some of my photography made it into Google Images yesterday … when you search for “Wall Mount Surfer Thermometer,” you see several of my Magic Bottle Openers fairly quickly. This is the most popular image that I shot:

Magic Bottle Opener 16 - 027. Cherry, Black Walnut, Hard Maple, Yellowheart & Goncalo Alves.

Magic Bottle Opener 16 – 027. Cherry, Black Walnut, Hard Maple, Yellowheart & Goncalo Alves.

The weird part (as if this isn’t odd enough) is that the most popular image in yesterday’s blog wasn’t a Magic Bottle Opener as seen in the most popular search … it was a cheese board:

Cheese Board 15 - 058. Hard Maple, Yellowheart & Cherry. 8" x 11" x 3/4".

Cheese Board 15 – 058. Hard Maple, Yellowheart & Cherry. 8″ x 11″ x 3/4″.

And, for the record, this isn’t my prettiest effort.

Why did traffic for that image blow up yesterday? No idea. The only search that garnered significant views yesterday was “Wall Mount Surfer Thermometer,” and that search didn’t yield any images for cheese boards from any maker, including me.

So how did an image of a cheese board have huge, unprecedented traffic, when the only search delivering an unusual number of people to the site was “Wall Street Surfer Thermometer?” No clue.

In our society today, much of our information gathering is driven by online search. Advertising in this “medium” has absolutely exploded … ending the virtual monopoly that Yellow Pages had on “searching for information” just a few years ago. Today, I don’t even keep the Yellow Pages when somebody places them on my front step. They go straight to recycling.

Revenues from search has made Google into the $75 billion corporation that it is today. And with all of that success … they still point information seekers here when all they want is to know how hot it is, surfer style.

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