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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeThe end of the run. The rest of the batch.

Here are the remaining boards from my latest explosion of making.

These boards are not the largest, and they’re certainly not the roundest. They are a mix of end grain and edge grain, and sizes range from small cheese boards (that might be very small cutting boards for some people) to rather large cutting boards.

One of these boards was intended to be a third cutting board with bread board ends and a juice groove, just like those in the first photo labeled “Cutting Board # 15 – 101,” but that was not to be.

You see, I decided to reuse my double stick tape while routing the last juice groove of the day. I ignored those warnings in my head (“It’s never worked before!”) and tried to save about 5 minutes and 5′ of tape … and the result was a $100 board became a much smaller $60 board in an instant.

Perhaps I’ve learned that lesson, but time will tell. At this point, I can only hope.

Oh, and remember that board that I messed up? The one that got smaller in an instant? It was the first board sold from this batch. Not sure why I keep getting encouraged to make mistakes….

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