It’s a Big Cheesy World Out There….   2 comments

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeThere’s a lot of cheese out there.

My job is to make sure that there’s a pretty way to serve it.

Cheese boards were the first thing I made for sale, and they continue to be a big seller. I know that I need a wide variety, however, because people are not all the same. And everybody wants a board that perfectly expresses that difference.

Who knew?

So, to make sure everyone gets what they want, I strive to make a very wide variety of cheese boards. I make laminated assemblies that are 24″ long, and then cut them in half to make 2 cheese boards in most of the wood designs. There are a few singletons, but I generally make these boards in pairs.

I was down to fewer than 20 different boards at my last event, so it was time to go to the shop. Luckily, I’ve had a month to make several different projects, which I’ll show you over the next few days.

First up: my newest batch of cheese boards. For your consideration today, there are 43 boards.

Don’t worry, I have more on the way!

2 responses to “It’s a Big Cheesy World Out There….

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  1. You are so good at what you do! Thanks for posting these pictures!

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