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The beginning of this grand tradition is lost in the sands of time.

I’m sure it was just a casual thing when the kids were young. I was probably desperate for a witness to help convince Velda that she said something that she wouldn’t admit to.  Just sayin’.

In any event, the family vote began to evolve.

It’s simple.  Really. We sit at the table for dinner.  We converse.  Someone makes a statement that is controversial for some reason.  With that, you state your objection and raise your hand.  No words are needed: you just raise your hand. Anyone at the table is free to vote with you … or not. Everyone in the family has led votes, won votes, and lost votes. You disagree with a statement made? You vote. You agree with a statement? You vote. You just raise your hand, and let the chips fall where they may.

Today, the kids are grown.  Friends, significant others, and now spouses have joined in votes at our table. When guests first see a vote, they don’t know what to make of our family tradition.

Votes are remembered. They become topics of discussion days and weeks later. People remember when they get support, and who won’t support their votes.

Votes are celebrated.  Our extended family and friends revel in leading their first vote.

Votes are entertaining. It’s all in fun.  It’s a reality check.  It’s another way to stick your tongue out at the annoying people in the family.  Politely.

When you win, that is. When you don’t win, well, you become the object of “scorn.”

And it’s all wonderful entertainment, and wonderful fun for everyone.

Next time someone in the family makes a mistake – in your opinion – then you should lead a vote. Good luck!


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5 responses to “Voting At The Dinner Table

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! We still vote – not on all things since Mom’s vote carries the most weight but it’s a great way to influence things like vacation spots.

    • Mom’s vote has more weight? That would never work at our house. We’re always a strict democracy. Of course, if it was REALLY important, the kids wouldn’t even GET a vote.

  2. We have dinner at a table, but I’ve never thought of having a vote! Of course, maybe Mom hasn’t always let us vote (and I’m the Mom!).

    • Ours are really all in fun. Last night, Eric said “I’m weird.” Three hands immediately shot up. The ayes have it, Eric’s weird. That is so typical of our votes!

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