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A full day of fun. The task was to install The Oneida Air System’s V-3000 Dust Collection System, and I drafted the Building Inspector and the Engineer to help out. Thank goodness.

We started at 8:15a with breakfast burritos. Work began at 9a, and we finally quit at 6p with a functional system that will only need a few tweaks to be complete.

Here’s how the day looked.

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9 responses to “The Big Install

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  1. Looks like a full day of fun! Glad you won’t be breathing in so much sawdust and MAYBE so much won’t get into the house either! : )

    Letha Marie Mowry
  2. Awesome job! Glad you had help!!!

  3. According to the old saying, Many hands make light work! It’s great to have a cleaner system in to keep the dust from permeating everything.

  4. So – tomorrow you say to Mrs. M: “You know, I think I’m really really tired of woodworking – I think I’ll take up crossword puzzles and gardening . . . [And then after the funeral she sells all your stuff for ten cents on the dollar!!!] Seriously, looks like a very professional job – great to have skilled help, isn’t it!! And you will LOVE not having sawdust everywhere all the time – not to mention your lungs will appreciate it!

  5. Very nice.. I appreciate the pictures. I just took delivery of V-3000 last week. I worked on it some yesterday and today. When my buddy was over this past week to help clear some space I got out the instructions for the new unit and said, ” this first question concerns me. It asked if I am really sure that I am smart enough to to this?” We both had a good laugh over that one. Thanks again for taking the time to post your new dust collector. Ralph

    • My pleasure, Ralph. I’m going to do another post describing the installation, from beginning to end … when I reach the end. Should be next week, I believe. I am just one hole and one connector away….

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