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HandcraftedI have this problem. I have too much wood in my garage workshop.

There’s only one solution: make more stuff. So I did.

All cutting boards have routed hand holds on each end for easy handling. Non-skid rubber feet attach with stainless steel screws for long life. Finish is mineral oil, with a top coat of Mrs M’s special Board Butter that combines mineral oil with locally produced beeswax (and it smells like honey when I rub it in!).

These cutting boards are for Mrs M’s Handmade fall craft shows which begin in September. So now the only question is … how soon do I need to make more?


Three New Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards: The Third Round

Cutting Boards: The Next Set

I Had To Mention Cutting Boards

The Cutting Board

8 responses to “Fifteen Cutting Boards

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  1. Too pretty to use! Those are works of art.

    Letha Marie Mowry
  2. gorgeous!

  3. Do you sell the bowls, I live in Mi can’t make it for Mrs.M sale

  4. You’ve outdone yourself! These are beautiful! Love the last three.

  5. wow – when are you coming back here, i’d love one – how much?

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