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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeYes, I get requests.

When I had someone ask if I’d ever made a pizza server, I was embarrassed to say no.

I’ve got a pizza oven. We make homemade pizza on a regular an occasional basis.

We love pizza.

Clearly, I needed to make a pizza server. Here’s the prototype, and I need your help.

This piece is 17″ in diameter, with a short handle on one side. Should the single handle be longer? Should there be 2 handles (very non-traditional, that)? What would you like this to be? Comment away, please!

Oh … and this piece went on display at last weekend’s Tehachapi Mountain Festival. Guess what the # 1 comment was about this “pizza server?”

“Hey, this would be a great cheese server!”

Sometimes, I just have to keep my mouth shut and smile.

Pizza Server 15 - 01. Black Walnut, Cherry & Hard Maple.

Pizza Server 15 – 01. Black Walnut, Cherry & Hard Maple.

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  1. Hi Henry; I think one handle. As far as length, have you had a pizza on it and tried to carry it with the handle only? Longer would give you more leverage. That is as far as my thinking goes! Good luck Bro!!! Steve

    Steven Harbstreit
    • When I ask if the handle should be longer, the answer has always been yes. Perhaps that means the handle should be longer, y’think? And, even with that one longer handle, I believe users would still carry this piece with 2 hands. Who would leave a precious pizza – or cheese & crackers – to a balancing act?

  2. I think we need to have Papa Johns tonight to do some product testing (and I don’t know about you but making pizza in our 800 degree pizza oven when it is 105 outside is NOT happening). My money is on a longer handle.

    • Your money may be on the longer handle, but you’re not buying. Well, maybe you are buying the pizza. 🙂

      • “If mama’s not happy, NOBODY’s happy” is a truism for a reason, my friend – and yep, the handle needs to be longer, because you need to be able to fit your fingers – or at least 3 of them – between the body and the bulge on the handle – but you’ll be able to support the body w/ your other hand because the wood isn’t that bad of an insulator, correct?

  3. I think that two handles would be better because sometimes the hand that is on the one handle needs to be used quickly for something else. I really like this beautiful wood pizza holder/server.

    • I thought about doing routed finger holds, like I do on the cutting boards … but that would make this a one-sided piece. I like it being 2-sided. Choices!

      I do also like the idea of having 2 handles, Ora Lee. Perhaps that will be another prototype … eventually! Should both handles be small, like the one shown here, or … ?

  4. One handle (easier to store), routed finger hold opposite on BOTH sides solves your issue.. Try a mid-toned wood instead of the 2 outer walnut stripes, making the 3 center stripes the strongest design element. 2-cents please.

  5. Dear Henry:

    I really like the board. For myself I would want two handles, which I know is not traditional. The reason is because the board is heavy, the pizza is heavy and I know I would end up with pizza on the floor if I didn’t have two handles to work with. Petunia agrees!

  6. And yes, the handles should be longer.

  7. Forget tradition. A two-handled pizza server would be great!

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