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New signs   5 comments

These signs have been a total surprise to me.


My goal was to decorate the booth. Add some color. A little sass. Personality. Verticality.

Apparently, I’ve done that. And while doing that, I’ve created another product category: CNC signs. This batch of 31 signs completes all but 1 that I have designed; I didn’t have enough wood to do that blank in this batch. What I have done is replaced all of those sold at the last event, and then some.

These signs include thoughts from some of the great philosophers of our society. Some of the great food experts of our society.

Hippocrates. Julia Child. Shakespeare. Mark Twain. Miss Piggy.

You get the picture.

All of these signs will be on display this weekend at the next event for Mr M’s Woodshop, the Camarillo Fiesta & Street Fair. No clue where my booth will be … so, look for my banner and find me!

But, if you don’t find yourself in Camarillo next weekend, I have a solution for you. I am running a Kickstarter campaign RIGHT NOW to help me expand the workshop’s capabilities. If you are interested in backing my campaign – and getting some cool stuff as a reward – then, please, click here: Handmade Cutting Boards & Wooden Serving Pieces.


My Surprise: People Buy My Signs

My Surprise: People Buy My Signs   5 comments

I blame Delinda.

She’s our friend; she runs Sweet Spot Home Decor. She has retail experience, and knows a thing or 3 about merchandising and retail presentation.

Something I had never done until I got roped into going a-vendoring. I blame the Mrs M’s.

Yes. I blame.

So, back to Delinda. She stared at my booth, and had opinions. She got in my head. I had to add color. I had to go vertical. I had to be better.

OK, that sounds like me. So, I got creative and printed some pictures of my boards in action. Most of these pictures were taken in our back yard, in front of the pizza oven. They are good photos, if I may say so myself, and seemed to be just what the doctor Delinda ordered.

Then I got a bit more creative, and decided to make some signs. They should have a bit of sass, I thought. They would be about food & drink … just like the things I make. The signs would complement the photos, and complement the cutting boards and wooden serving pieces. I got a bunch together, and they made their premiere at Bishop Mule Days. They’ve since been seen at subsequent events in Montrose, Palos Verdes, Lompoc and Ojai.

And people want to buy them.

It was never my intent to make more things to sell! I was just trying to decorate the booth, up my game, and get Delinda out of my head. I did all of that, thankfully, but now I’m working to keep signs in stock as people choose new decor for their kitchen, family room, man cave or whatever.

I’m good with that. Here’s the latest batch!

Oh, and one more thing. I am running a Kickstarter campaign in the month of July to help me expand the workshop’s capabilities. If you are interested in backing my campaign – and getting some cool stuff as a reward – then, please, click here: Handmade Cutting Boards & Wooden Serving Pieces. Don’t delay, though: if I don’t reach my goal by July 31, then the project fails and nothing happens. I don’t want to be that guy!


Half Of The Litter   1 comment

My love/hate relationship with the Pig Business is well chronicled.

I’ve raised pigs. Didn’t take to it.

I do find a certain joy in delivering a smile when people see my wooden pigs, however. Some use them as cutting boards, some as charcuterie or cheese & cracker boards, and some use them as wall art.

Which just goes to show that my Pig Business today has little to do with my business of, uh, 50+ years ago.

Thank goodness.

Here are a half dozen Pigs that have made it to the finish line. Another half dozen are on the way … some day soon, I believe.

The Trivet Explosion   1 comment

I had no clue that Trivets would prove to be this popular.

They have become the source of the #1 question I get at craft fairs: “What’s a trivet?” Or, the #2 question, “What is this?”


They’re made from the same hardwood as my other pieces, but these have wide slots cut in them to help dissipate the heat from hot dishes. Use these on a well-appointed table to protect the table top’s finish.

Or, use them as a conversation piece. They certainly are working that way for me!

All are 8-1/2″square, and about 3/4″ thick.

Signs About Food & Family   2 comments

I’m embracing my inner foodie.

I’ve created a series of signs to decorate my booth and complement my offerings of serving pieces & cutting boards. I’ve been told these signs will make good decor for kitchens, breakfast nooks & such.

Love it.

Each of these signs is on 3/4″ thick stock – either Cherry or Hard Maple, generally. The carved letters are often painted, and the boards are then coated in lacquer for long life. Hanging hardware is attached to each plaque.

With the addition of the mesh walls to our booth, I’m now able to display these signs well, and I’ve got several more up my sleeve, uh, in my head waiting to break out.

It’s back to the garage woodshop I go, before something dangerous happens!

37 Building Blocks   Leave a comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeThis is a magnificent, horrible idea. I started working on this new product about 6 months ago. I wanted to make a set of blocks for kids … but I wanted the artwork to be just right.

I found Alphabetimals, and knew that they would make good blocks. I contacted the artist, who come to find out lives in Denmark, and he agreed to license Mr M’s Woodshop to make a limited number of building block sets for this Christmas.

The first few sets are out of the shop, and the results are exactly what I had hoped for.

Each set has 26 alphabet Hard Maple blocks, and each block has an Alphabetimal for that letter, as well as the upper and lower case versions of the letter. There are also 10 numerical blocks, plus a bonus block. All are finished with mineral oil, which is baby safe. 37 Building Blocks.

To complete the sets, I asked the talented Sharon Collins to make drawstring bags. She came up with several fabric options for the lined bags, which are shown in the first and last photos below. A perfect way to store the blocks!

So, why is this a horrible idea? I am spending hours working on these blocks. Thirty minutes of finish shaping & sanding per set, for example. And that doesn’t include the time spent cutting, sanding and routing the blanks before they become blocks! I really love this project, and it’s eating my shop time.

In all humility, if you are interested in buying a set of these, you need to tell me quickly. Given the level of interest I got from just a couple of photos on Facebook … well, these will sell out quickly. And when they’re gone, they’re gone!


Alphabetimals, © Patrick O’Toole 2015.

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