My Surprise: People Buy My Signs   5 comments

I blame Delinda.

She’s our friend; she runs Sweet Spot Home Decor. She has retail experience, and knows a thing or 3 about merchandising and retail presentation.

Something I had never done until I got roped into going a-vendoring. I blame the Mrs M’s.

Yes. I blame.

So, back to Delinda. She stared at my booth, and had opinions. She got in my head. I had to add color. I had to go vertical. I had to be better.

OK, that sounds like me. So, I got creative and printed some pictures of my boards in action. Most of these pictures were taken in our back yard, in front of the pizza oven. They are good photos, if I may say so myself, and seemed to be just what the doctor Delinda ordered.

Then I got a bit more creative, and decided to make some signs. They should have a bit of sass, I thought. They would be about food & drink … just like the things I make. The signs would complement the photos, and complement the cutting boards and wooden serving pieces. I got a bunch together, and they made their premiere at Bishop Mule Days. They’ve since been seen at subsequent events in Montrose, Palos Verdes, Lompoc and Ojai.

And people want to buy them.

It was never my intent to make more things to sell! I was just trying to decorate the booth, up my game, and get Delinda out of my head. I did all of that, thankfully, but now I’m working to keep signs in stock as people choose new decor for their kitchen, family room, man cave or whatever.

I’m good with that. Here’s the latest batch!

Oh, and one more thing. I am running a Kickstarter campaign in the month of July to help me expand the workshop’s capabilities. If you are interested in backing my campaign – and getting some cool stuff as a reward – then, please, click here: Handmade Cutting Boards & Wooden Serving Pieces. Don’t delay, though: if I don’t reach my goal by July 31, then the project fails and nothing happens. I don’t want to be that guy!


5 responses to “My Surprise: People Buy My Signs

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  1. I really like your signs! They range from serious to humorous. The ones highlighted in color are my favorite! Delinda gave you a great idea and I’m glad you are following it!

  2. I love your signs, too! Such good quotes; such good work!

    • Still looking for good quotes. I’m adding one from Churchill in the next batch. One from Hippocrates. Still searching for one about chickens….

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