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These signs have been a total surprise to me.


My goal was to decorate the booth. Add some color. A little sass. Personality. Verticality.

Apparently, I’ve done that. And while doing that, I’ve created another product category: CNC signs. This batch of 31 signs completes all but 1 that I have designed; I didn’t have enough wood to do that blank in this batch. What I have done is replaced all of those sold at the last event, and then some.

These signs include thoughts from some of the great philosophers of our society. Some of the great food experts of our society.

Hippocrates. Julia Child. Shakespeare. Mark Twain. Miss Piggy.

You get the picture.

All of these signs will be on display this weekend at the next event for Mr M’s Woodshop, the Camarillo Fiesta & Street Fair. No clue where my booth will be … so, look for my banner and find me!

But, if you don’t find yourself in Camarillo next weekend, I have a solution for you. I am running a Kickstarter campaign RIGHT NOW to help me expand the workshop’s capabilities. If you are interested in backing my campaign – and getting some cool stuff as a reward – then, please, click here: Handmade Cutting Boards & Wooden Serving Pieces.


My Surprise: People Buy My Signs

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  1. How much is the sign that reads: The Secret Ingredient is Always Love? Can you get the Signs as part of your Kickstarter program?

  2. Thank you:)

  3. Your CNC machine is paying for itself.

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