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From The Shop: Making 24 Surfboards   3 comments

After I started making small surfboards, it was inevitable that I would make more.

Then I got an order for 24 more. 12 were to be the original large size, which I’m now calling cheese & cracker surfboards. The order was also for another 12 in a new medium size. The 12 large ones were to be identical, and the 12 medium ones would come in 2 designs, 6 each.

OK, go.

Here’s the photo story of making the 12 large ones.

Getting Small   Leave a comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeFor some people, small is the way to go in the kitchen. These boards hope to satisfy that desire, though I’ve already been told I don’t make things small enough.

Everybody’s a critic.

These boards could be small cutting boards. They could be serving pieces.

I’ll let you decide the best place to use these.

I do know that my next round of production will include some small boards: I keep getting people that really want to buy my $35 boards (which, as you may guess, are not the largest ones on display).

So, you see, I’ll keep working on getting smaller.


Surfboards For The Discerning Cheese Eater   1 comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeI love this design of cheese boards.

Some people want these to be cutting boards, but they’re really not; they are serving pieces. The elegant curves that are underneath these boards are made on the table saw & help them to sit very lightly on the table. For a photo essay on how this design is made, see the link below.

These are the first surfboards I have made since January, and they proved to be crowd favorites last weekend at the Ventura 4th of July Street Fair. Only two of these sold, but they were a focus. I even had a competitive woodworker tell me he wouldn’t steal my design!

Which made me laugh.

After all, I saw this idea on a TV show, PBS’s “Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac,” and then “improved” the deisgn with better proportions and prettier wood selections, in my humble opinion!


Cutting Sideways = Curves

Going Mobile   Leave a comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeThese handled boards are proving to be quite popular. They’re more versatile than a counter-top cutting board.

Take them from table to stove to counter and back again. Do your work where you’re comfortable, and then carry the board to the stove to add to your concoction on the stove.

That’s my theory, anyway!

The first three are long handled boards with a larger cutting surface, about 10″ x 16″. The smaller boards have the circular handles and a cutting surface that’s about 9″ x 12″.

All boards are about 3/4″ thick.

Chess Boards, At Long Last   Leave a comment

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeIt’s been my # 1 request for quite some time, and I’ve finally gotten the first batch of chess boards out of the shop. It took a while.

Each of the boards are made with 2″ squares and a 1″ contrasting border surrounding the playing area. The border is 1″ thick, and does have non-marring rubber feet underneath to ensure a steady surface for the games.

Finish is mineral oil with a top coat of locally-harvested beeswax mixed with mineral oil. Yes, that’s the same finish as my cutting boards, and there is no real reason that these chess boards should be food ready … the oil finishes the woods in a natural coating that’s easily refreshed, so I stuck with the same procedure as the 30+ food-grade boards I was finishing in the garage woodshop at the same time.

I am not selling chess pieces currently, though Mrs. M is already in my ear about that. If you happen to know a carver or a turner that wants to make some great chess pieces for me, I’m interested!

The 100th Board … 2nd Time ‘Round   2 comments

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeWith a sudden burst of production (amazing what you can get done when you stop going to events!), the inventory is suddenly growing. I’ve passed 100 pieces in inventory, again.

I thought I was low with full size cutting boards … so here’s a bunch.

Thank goodness. We have a big event this weekend, the July 4th Ventura Street Fair. The event’s in downtown Ventura. Set up can begin at 3am, the directions say. I think we will be just a bit later than that.

If you’re wandering around Ventura on Saturday, come see us in booths 427/429. With a huge amount of luck, I’ll be back under 100 boards after this weekend….

That would be a good thing, right??!!

Custom Engraved Boards   2 comments

Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeThese engraved boards have proven to be extremely popular wedding and anniversary gifts. I’ve delivered many of them not pictured here … because I have to wait until after the boards are presented!

I’m keeping three designs in raw, unfinished stock, so I can deliver these boards in about 3 weeks … as long as I keep production ahead of sales. All of these boards are 2-sided, with routed fingerholds to help flip the board easily. The first 2 designs are engraved on one side (so that’s the display side) and used on the other. The third design is meant to be used on both sides.

The three wood designs are:

1. Hard Maple edge grain, approximately 7″x12″x1″. One engraving design has a last name with some scrollwork, the newest version has a pop culture saying: Best. Day. Ever. The cost is $50, plus $12 shipping.

2. Black Walnut, Cherry & Hard Maple edge grain, approximately 10″x12″x1″. This design has seen the most creativity, with people coming up with personalized designs time after time. I love the golden anniversary boards; this design has commemorated 2 of those! The cost is $60, plus $12 shipping.

3. Hard Maple edge grain, approximately 12″x16″x1″. The bride & groom’s name goes in the upper left corner, the wedding date in the lower right. A juice groove separates the engraving from the cutting surface. With the groove, that side could be used for meats and the flip side for vegetables. The cost is $100, plus $15 shipping.

One variation of the 3rd option was done with a Hard Maple end grain board with curved ends … see that board at the end of the photo essay. More of those are going to be made!