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And with that statement, I define the most interesting thing about Lazy Susans.

No one knows WHY we call Lazy Susans … Lazy Susans. No one.

The first written instance that has been found was in a Vanity Fair magazine over a 100 years ago. My first Lazy Susans introduced this fact way back in 2014, when the Woodshop idea was but a dream. I did quickly learn that I could make Lazy Susans that people really liked … even as they had no idea why they called Susan Lazy.

See the link below back to that original post that explored the origins of a favorite serving piece. And, here you see the latest additions to my collection of the latest torments to all of the Susans in the world.

My Susans are about 17.5″ in diameter. The bearing that revolves is rated for 500 pounds … but I wouldn’t go there. As the weight increases, inertia will be a powerful problem to overcome. Because … physics.

Who knew that Susans being lazy could be so instructional?


The Cleverest Waitress In The World

Buying A Lazy Susan From Mr M

Posted November 1, 2023 by henrymowry in Woodworking

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