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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeAbout once a year, I get to make these, uh, serving pieces. I designed them a couple of years ago, and they are unique. The sweeping curves underneath are called cove cuts, and are made on the table saw using an exposed blade and special jig.

Mrs M now trusts me enough that I’m allowed to make these without adult supervision.

Once these exited the shop and made it to the booth, they were immediately named surfboards by my customers.

It’s Southern California. Deal with it.

However, I then began to make actual surfboard-shaped cutting boards, and that confused people. Me, at least. I now had small & medium-sized surfboards. And the original wrongly named surfboards were … large surfboards? That didn’t work for me.

I call them elegant cheese & cracker servers. That is what I believe they *are*.

Customers, though, still call them surfboards. Customers aren’t always right, in my opinion. Just don’t tell them I said so.

Call them what you may, here’s a shot of one of these boards in use by a happy customer. I was there, and I was happy as well after sampling this fare.

Following that photo are pictures of the 18 new elegant cheese & cracker servers, coming soon to a holiday boutique near you. Hopefully!



How To Fill Your Cheese Board

Cutting Sideways = Curves

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