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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeWell, the real surfboard-shaped cutting boards, at least.

Surfers love these.

The families & friends of surfers love these, too.

I struggle to keep enough of them in stock, which must mean my priorities are off. After all, if you can’t manage your priorities properly, then you’ll not have time to hit the beach.

These 6, when added to my current inventory, will not get me to Christmas. Translated, that means I have no time to hit the beach. No time.

After all, I have surfers to help!

Small surfboards are 7″ wide, 16″ long, and 3/4″ thick. Medium surfboards are 8-1/2″ wide, 20″ long and 3/4″ thick.

Oh, and for the record, I don’t make full-size surfboards. I have not yet made a surfboard-shaped bottle opener, either, though that is an increasingly common request. They would need to be smaller, and I already make “small surfboards” … so those would be “really small surfboards?” This whole naming thing can get very confusing if you let it. Perhaps it’s better to leave some product categories alone, don’t you think?

4 responses to “The Real Surfboards

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  1. I don’t have any surfers in my life, but if I did, I’m pretty sure they would NEED one of those.

    • I’m really not trying to make wall art … but I sold one today that’s headed for a family’s den. They have a different use in mind than I did. I may need counseling.

  2. You, my friend, make kitchen art – or working art, if you will – I think it bothers you that some of them are only used for ‘art’ and never get to experience working – it comes from a rural background, I think – where utility was valued over looks in our childhood years. They enjoy looking at it but work with a piece of plastic . . . Now that you know how much using a piece of art daily in your normal work adds to the experience, you want everyone else to know that same enjoyed experience! But life, you see, is what happens while we are making other plans!!! Hugs & grins –

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