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Mr-Ms-Logo---LargeI make 2 kinds of Magic Bottle Openers. One kind is for mounting on the wall – that’s the single magic kind.

The double magic kind, though will stick to your attractive refrigerator.

If you have an attractive one, that is.

I get into trouble with my explanations sometimes. I mean, who wants a random person like me to call their refrigerator ugly?

So maybe I should not say an attractive refrigerator … maybe I should instead say that you need a receptive refrigerator. That’s it. Your refrigerator must be receptive for the magic go work.

And, at this point, you can insert your own appliance jokes.

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  1. I would seriously love a single magic one, as my very attractive refrigerator is not receptive to magic. How do I order?

    • Look over the ones shown in recent posts and email me the file name of the photo. I’ll check to see if I still have it (I probably do; I’ve got about 40 of these on hand right now) and work out the details with you. Email me at

      Oh, and sorry about the magic thing. But at least you still can appreciate your refrigerator’s beauty. That’s something, at least!

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